My Dash Website

My Dash is a page on the Don’t Mess with Texas website that allows “Gen L,” or Generation Litterer (young adults age 16-24) to customize their own ride and get cool stuff. The catch? You have to explore the whole Don’t Mess with Texas website to earn your digital swag. Other cool features: downloadable DMWT AIM icons and wallpaper for your phone, send an E-card, or order a litterbag online. You can also listen to DMWT radio, and if you’re displaying a bobblehead, it’ll move its head to the tunes.

My Dash home

Uncustomized dashboard.

My Dash custom

Customized dashboard with trash in the litterbag.

My Dash - menu

Customized dash viewing main menu.

Art Director: Amanda Trogus
Copywriter: Amanda Trogus